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Here’s a step-by-step process for mailing an EDDM postcard.

Define Your Target Area:

Identify the specific geographical area or neighborhood where you want to target your EDDM campaign. This can be based on demographics, proximity to your business or event location, or other relevant factors.

Choose EDDM Postcard Size and Design:

Select the size and design for your EDDM postcard. Ensure that the design is visually appealing, communicates your message clearly, and includes essential information such as contact details, promotions, or event details. We have several samples of EDDM post card sizes here:

Visit the USPS EDDM Website:

Go to the official USPS Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) website. This platform provides tools and resources for planning and executing your EDDM campaign.

Use the EDDM Online Mapping Tool:

Use the online mapping tool on the USPS website to choose your target delivery area. You can select specific mail carrier routes, ensuring that your postcards are distributed to households in the chosen locations.

Choose Mail Drop-off or Delivery Option:

Decide whether you want to drop off your EDDM postcards at a local post office or take advantage of the USPS delivery service. If you choose delivery, the USPS will handle the distribution of your postcards to the selected areas.

Print Your EDDM Postcards:

Once your target area is defined, and the design is ready, proceed to print your EDDM postcards with BaptistPostCards.com. We ensure that they meet USPS size and weight specifications.

Bundle and Prepare for Mailing:

Bundle your printed postcards in groups of 50 or 100 (the USPS preferred bundle size). Include a facing slip with information about the EDDM campaign, such as the route and quantity of postcards.

Complete the EDDM Postage Form:

Fill out the required paperwork, including the EDDM postage form, which includes details about your campaign, the number of postcards, and the selected delivery areas.

Pay for Postage:

Pay for the postage at the local post office or online, depending on your chosen method. The cost is generally lower than traditional direct mail services.

Submit Your EDDM Postcards:

Submit your bundled and prepared EDDM postcards to the designated drop-off location at the local post office, or if you chose the delivery option, the USPS will handle the distribution for you.

Track Your EDDM Campaign:

Monitor the success of your EDDM campaign by tracking response rates, inquiries, or any other relevant metrics. This will help you evaluate the effectiveness of your mailing strategy.

By following these steps, you can efficiently plan and execute your Every Door Direct Mail postcard campaign from start to finish.

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How to apply for Non-Profit Status on your USPS.com gateway account:


How do I apply to use Nonprofit USPS Marketing Mail?

Application Process

Specific authorization is required to mail at Nonprofit USPS Marketing Mail prices and may be used at any Post Office with PostalOne! access. Mailers are required to confirm authorization at non-PostalOne! Post Office locations before mailings will be accepted at Nonprofit USPS Marketing Mail prices. And note that mailers must still obtain mailing permits and pay the required fees for mailing at presorted prices.

In order to apply for authorization to mail at Nonprofit USPS Marketing Mail prices, the following steps must be completed:

Complete PS Form 3624 – Application to Mail at Nonprofit USPS Marketing Mail Prices, available on USPS.com (http://about.usps.com/forms/ps3624.pdf).

You will need to provide evidence that the organization is Nonprofit. Acceptable evidence includes:

An Internal Revenue Service (IRS) letter of exemption from payment of federal income tax.
If an IRS exemption letter is not available, a complete financial statement from an independent auditor (such as a certified public accountant) substantiating that the organization is nonprofit. A statement from a member of the organization is not sufficient (do not submit State tax exemption information).
You will need to provide documents describing the organization’s primary purpose, such as:

Organizing instruments that state the purpose for which the group is organized, such as the constitution, articles of incorporation, articles of association, or trust indenture. The organizing instrument, including all amendments to the original, should bear the seal, certification, or signature of the Secretary of State or other appropriate state official. If one or more of these documents are not sealed, certified, or signed by state officials, an officer or other person authorized to sign for the applicant should submit a written declaration certifying that the documents are complete and accurate copies of the originals.
Materials showing how the organization actually operated during the previous 6 to 12 months and how it will operate in the future. Bulletins, financial statements, membership forms, publications produced by the organization, minutes of meetings, or a list of its activities may be used.
The application must be signed by someone in authority in the organization, such as the president or treasurer. It must not be signed by a printer or mailing agent.

Submit the completed PS Form 3624 to the Post Office where Nonprofit USPS Marketing Mail mailings will be deposited. If the application is approved, the authorization will apply nationwide.